GEICO And Government Employees

GEICO And Government Employees

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GEICO has a long history with government employees. The company was originally started to serve their insurance needs, and GEICO's founder Leo Goodwin made it a point to name the company after them—Government Employees Insurance Company.
They were GEICO's first customers in 1936 and the strong bond that was formed then remains today.

Federal Employees Program

GEICO supports and appreciates our federal government employees and, through the Federal Employees Program offers many perks including:
Learn more about these programs, as well as, discounts and other benefits of being a federal employee insured with GEICO.

GEICO History: An American Success Stor

The history of GEICO
GEICO History:
GEICO is built on ingenuity, perseverance, innovation, resilience and hard, honest work. From its humble beginnings in the midst of the Great Depression to its current place as one of the most successful companies in the nation, GEICO represents a quintessential American success story. Take a moment to review GEICO's milestones, or read the whole story and learn about the colorful people and events behind GEICO.

GEICO Milestones

1936 - GEICO is established by Leo and Lillian Goodwin.
1948 - Investment banker Lorimer Davidson joins the company and expands its pool of investors.
1951 - Columbia University business student Warren Buffett makes his first purchase of GEICO stock.
1958 - Leo Goodwin retires and is succeeded by Lorimer Davidson.
1959 - GEICO opens its new headquarters in Chevy Chase, MD.
1964 - GEICO passes the 1 million policyholder mark.
1965-1966 - GEICO insurance premiums reach $150 million; net earnings double to $13 million.
1980 - GEICO introduces 24-hour a day, 365-days a year telephone customer service.
1993 - New chairman Olza "Tony" Nicely implements a new strategy to expand the customer base; increased focus on advertising results in higher national visibility.
1996 - Warren Buffett purchases outstanding GEICO stock, making GEICO a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.
2000 - The beloved Gecko® makes his debut in a wildly popular GEICO ad campaign.
2002 - GEICO passes the 5 million policyholder mark.
2004 - The GEICO Caveman enters the scene with the "So easy a Caveman can do it" ad campaign.
2007 - GEICO passes the 8 million policyholder mark.
2009 - GEICO passes the 9 million policyholder mark and opens for business in Massachusetts making GEICO coverage and services available in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.
2010 - GEICO passes the 10 million policyholder mark.  GEICO is the first insurance company to offer the ability to purchase a policy in a mobile-friendly format via iPhone and Android mobile devices.
2012 - GEICO passes the 11 million policyholder mark.
2013 - GEICO surpasses 12 million policies in force mark and insures more than 18 million vehicles.
Today - GEICO's assets have reached $28 billion*, and the company looks forward to even more growth, founded on quality coverage and outstanding GEICO customer service.
For you history buffs who love all the details, here's the full story of GEICO. From the dreams of one couple rose the company you know today.
*Assets are combined and vary by company.  Refer to our financial information pagefor more details.

Geico Insurance Review

GEICO is a full-service insurance company that provides business and personal lines directly to consumers primarily by telephone and through their website They do have authorized agents that are able to sell GEICO insurance products in a more traditional client-agent manner, but the bulk of their business is done online.

GEICO, which stands for “Government Employees Insurance Company,” is a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway. The company was a publically traded firm from the 40’s until 1996, when Berkshire Hathaway purchased them.

The company writes auto insurance is all 50 states, as well as Washington D.C.. As a direct-to-consumer insurer, they do not have to pay additional commission to third party agents, which allow them to keep their premiums down and spend more on advertising.

GEICO Insurance Products

GEICO has a wide selection of products which they provide to consumers including, homeowners, car insurance, motorcycle, life insurance, personal watercraft, ATV, umbrella, renters and condo insurance. They also have additional services that cover less popular recreational vehicles.

For business clients, GEICO offers standard coverage items like general liability insurance, business owners policies and professional liability insurance.

GEICO Insurance Rates

GEICO’s rates are Below Average.

During our rate test, we found that a 30-year-old married couple living in Southern California can get full coverage on two automobiles for $144 a month. There have only been a couple companies even comparable to this price since we started running these tests.

It should be noted that we typically run the quote with $250,000/$500,000 bodily injury coverage, but that option was not available on the GEICO website. Instead we ran the test using $300,000/$500,000, which means you are getting more coverage for a lower price than most of their competitors.

As a direct insurance company, GEICO can offer discounted rates since they do not have to operate through a middleman sales agent or broker. When purchasing online, consumers can modify rate quotes and see how different coverage will impact the price of their policy much easier than when dealing with a broker or sales agent.

GEICO Consumer Complaints

The Better Business Bureau currently has no rating assigned for GEICO. There have been over 1400 complaints filed in the past three years, with 580 coming in the previous 12 months. The number one issue reported to the BBB was problems with the product or service. There are currently no government actions involving GEICO, as far as the BBB knows, and there are no advertising issues which have been reported to the Better Business Bureau.

GEICO is one of the largest insurers in the United States, and along with that comes a lot of consumer complaints online. has over 500 complaints filed against GEICO, and just over a one star rating out of five. Most insurance companies have ratings on this website ranging from 1-1.5, since the majority of people leaving comments are doing so after having an issue with the company.
GEICO Consumer Research Reports

J,D, Power and Associates – In 2012, JD Power rated GEICO as one of the top websites in customer satisfaction as it pertains to getting an online quote. Shoppers were much more likely to go with GEICO than other top competitors due to their simple to use quote system and low rates. Additionally, GEICO scored above average in the JD Power 2011 Insurance Shopping Study, which ranked companies based on overall customer satisfaction. GEICO scored 843 out of 1000.

Consumer Reports – In 2010, Consumer Reports polled readers about their insurance providers, and GEICO received an 86 out of 100, putting them in the top 15 of all insurance companies rated. The main categories covered were claims related problems, timely payments and non-claim related problems.

GEICO Financial Rating

A.M. Best Rating – A++

Fitch Rating – AA-

S & P Rating – AA+

GEICO Overall Rating

GEICO is owned by Berkshire Hathaway, one of the most successful companies in the world. Their financial strength is one of the highest in the insurance industry, which is very important in the insurance field. They rank very highly with third-party consumer advocate companies like JD Power, and their rates are some of the lowest in the industry according to our tests.

There are a lot of consumer complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau and on websites like

Individuals, families and business owners who are price-conscience when it comes to their insurance premiums should get a quote from GEICO. They are consistently one of the lowest cost insurance providers, and they operate all across the United States.

People who have a complicated insurance portfolio that requires the use of an agent should look for a third party broker that is authorized to sell GEICO products. They may have to pay a broker fee for their services, but the lower cost of GEICO products will help offset the additional charge.
GEICO Contact Information

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GEICO , Your Reviews

The Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO) provides car insurance for over 10 million customers. The below GEICO reviews are from some of those customers.

Founded in 1936 by Leo Goodwin, Sr., GEICO  began selling auto insurance to federal government employees and their families. Despite having ‘government’ in its name, GEICO has always been a private corporation and has never been affiliated with any federal or state governments. Headquartered in Chevy Chase, Maryland, GEICO sells car insurance in all 50 states. The below GEICO reviews are from nearly all of these states.
Owned by Berkshire Hathaway, GEICO has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years thanks to advertising. Several of their advertising campaigns have become well-known in recent years – most notably the GEICO gecko and cavemen campaigns. As of 2007, GEICO boasted over 13 million insured vehicles with over 11 million policyholders.  GEICO is one of top insurers of automobiles in the nation. If you have an experience with GEICO, leave a review – good or bad.

Geico Insurance Company

Founded in 1936 by Leo Goodwin, Sr., GEICO  began selling auto insurance to federal government employees and their families. Despite having ‘government’ in its name, GEICO has always been a private corporation and has never been affiliated with any federal or state governments. Headquartered in Chevy Chase, Maryland, GEICO sells car insurance in all 50 states. The below GEICO reviews are from nearly all of these states.

Owned by Berkshire wife, GEICO has enjoyed a betterment in recent years due to advertising. many of their advertising campaigns became well-known in recent years – most notably the GEICO lizard and cavemen campaigns. As of 2007, GEICO boasted over thirteen million insured vehicles with over eleven million policyholders. GEICO is one amongst prime insurers of vehicles within the nation.

The rank of Geico is one out of prime ten in Best automobile insurance firms
The first position is GEICO, that began within the District of Columbia because the Government staff underwriter, has been associate degree automobile insurance supplier for quite seventy years and has created its services out there all told fifty states.

GEICO is unbelievably versatile with its policy attributes, crafting policies that suit the requirements and budgets of its policyholders, whereas extending its efficient business-model savings to the client. whether or not you're wanting to insure multiple vehicles or drivers, increase or decrease deductibles on policies, cut back coverage to Liability-Only or manage the payment cycle or structure, GEICO permits its policyholders AN new freedom to try to to thus. better of all, this could all be done on-line or over the phone with an ardent GEICO factor, which might be a new profit for those living in rural areas.

Benefits & Discounts:
Many discounts square measure enjoyed outright through GEICO space agent-free infrastructure. As for others, GEICO offers a spread of discounts starting from sensible driver discounts, sensible student discounts (for younger drivers attending school) and automatic payment discounts, yet as discounts for multiple-policy holders and established customers. GEICO conjointly offers discounts for policies involving cars with advanced safety and security measures, together with air luggage, anti-lock brakes, automobile security/anti-theft systems and daytime running lights, among others.

As GEICO origins square measure in its Government worker insurance underwriter, GEICO offers several edges and discounts to active, reserved and retired military personnel, further as senior-level federal workers. But, even as it's not a corporation supposed just for government workers, GEICO extends similar edges and discounts to quite 275 related teams.

Customer Service & Claims Timeliness:
Getting you and your vehicle off the road and into the mechanic or acceptable technician is merely 0.5 the battle. Seeing that claims square measure processed and repairs completed during a timely and economical matter is another matter altogether. fortuitously, this is often wherever GEICO stands out, giving its policyholders a spread of strategies for reportage and pursuit claims, whereas mediating between varied machine insurance firms if necessary and facilitating timely automotive repairs. Claims is reported and tracked entirely on-line, releasing up motorists to induce on with regular responsibilities as against outlay a substantial quantity of your time filtering through "phone trees" to talk to a adjustor or agent. Although, for extra convenience, policy info and claims info will still be accessed by phone, with the peace of mind of a quick affiliation to the suitable party.

GEICO's name for its client service is essentially what has proved to be actuality catalyst for its retention and customer satisfaction, not its diverting, fashionable commercials or its slight savings. this can be evident in its retention rate, that ranks among the simplest within the automotive vehicle insurance trade.